Emilia Wingfield

Graphic Design and Art Direction

4. Regional Equality Project England

“In many ways, the economic geography of the UK is reminiscent of a much poorer country at an earlier stage of economic development.” - Professor Phillip Mccan concluded this from his in depth research into regional inequality in the UK. For one of the richest countries in the world, this is unacceptable and something that isn’t all that often discussed. ‘Regional Equality Project England’ is a project aiming to raise awareness of inequality across English regions.

Regional Equality Project England’s website acts as a fact database giving audiences easy access to statistics and figures on regional inequality in this country. The website has an interactive element and the design is carefully considered for a fun and pleasant user experience while still being informative and acting as an educational platform. Having a carefully considered website design will encourage more users, meaning more people will be aware of this inequality and eventually putting on more pressure on the government and councils to create change.

A series of postcards were also created as a part of this project. These projects use secondary source photography conveying the lifestyle and landmarks of each region on the front - while on the back they act as an information source. These postcards can be found in areas such train stations, targeting people who are commuting to different regions.